Saturday, 23 March 2013

Water vole and my personal view regarding infill housing.

Just a quick note to say we saw a water vole in the stream off Long Lane. We watched it for a few minutes and saw it collect a strand of dried grass which it disappeared with into hole in the bank. Very quickly it re-emerged and swam along to another part of the bank where it got out of the stream and pruned itself before heading up the steep side of the bank and disappear in the undergrowth.More sightings recorded here
Infill Housing - Beverley southern bypass et al.
Video of drive along Shepherd lane, Long Lane to the Minster
It is a little tricky to register your objection through the EYCC site - even when you have found the relevant page. Here is some help. From this link you can get to the ERYC page to register your objection / thoughts.
Copy of my response to the bypass housing infill plans. This is a brief outline trying to offer a slightly different view.


  1. I've finally found someone else whom knows about the small but stable population of Water Voles along Long Lane ! I too am concerned about the planned housing development in the area, especially as regards the effect it will have on these protected species. I managed to photograph one yesterday morning (pictures of which can be seen on my nature blog) and I wish to say that I fully support your objections and thoughts regarding the proposed developments south of Beverley.

    1. Thankyou for your kind words David - your blog has some excellent photographs on it.


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