Friday, 1 February 2013

Beverley Minster from south - cold sunny day, waterlogged fields.

Beverley Minster from the south. Plein air, oil on canvas 20 x 16".
Video here The sunny weather - with occasional showers, can be deceptive. After standing and painting this scene for a short time I became very cold. This early, when the sun starts to set the effect is to drastically reduce the temperature. Heavy shadows in the foreground with the waterlogged field gave this picture some atmosphere I think. Though near a railway line I had a welcome visitor, a small Jack Russell terrier who reminded me of "Blue" our old Jack Russell. She was very affectionate and typically inquisitive, and thank goodness did not bark as this would have caused Georgie, our briard to start bouncing up and down in the car. After passing back and forth a couple of times she carefully crossed the railway line to return to the nearby farmhouse.

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