Part of a larger oil painting ( with increased brightness, reduced intensity )

Starting to draw can be daunting.
Painting even more so.


I say that if you can write then you can draw.
I started very young, like most people, and just doodled. I would look at pictures in books and even comics, well, especially comics and would copy them. This, I guess gives one some confidence and competence with hand and brain coordination.
Yet, regular drawing is always good - whether it works or not.
And, it need not be a masterpiece.
Mistakes are great for learning though it is good to share these mistakes and seek advice at times. Access to a pencil and paper should be provided to younger people at all times with suitable encouragement to just try and draw. Something simple like a cup is a good place to start. Look for shadows note the shape and have a go.

A pochade box oil sketch on canvas board 12 x 10.

I am a great believer in observation.
Learn to see what it is you are looking at.
Draw or paint what you see, do not be afraid of the colours - get them down.
I guess I stopped copying pictures sometime in my early teens.
I now sketch, draw and paint en plein air. I think that there are some aspects which push you to achieve. For example, especially in winter one needs to work against the clock as the days are short. Also, of course it is usually very cold and such accoutrements as a hot flask need to be resorted to. Also when watercolour painting on hot days the paint will dry too quickly preventing wash techniques working - in winter the paper can stay wet too long!
A lot of trial and error will be experienced when working en plein air.
Advantages for me include talking to people. I love talking and listening and have often had some good chats and shared some amusing stories.

If you want some advice either one to one, some help with your art work do not hesitate to email me. If possible we could sketch or paint together plein air, especially in the Beverley area.
Good luck with your art remember to draw what you see and not what you think you see.

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