Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Near Flamborough Head.

Well today turned out well after a late start. I first visited Bempton Cliffs and had a look around the RSPB viewing points. It was amazing to see the gannets so close by on the vertiginous cliffs. Indeed one could see large chicks balancing on the smallest projection from the rock. I visited to see if the cliffs would make an interesting painting but decided that they were too massive and too close to provided a suitable subject. So back to the car, it was now 4.45 and time to feed George. I had sandwich which I had prepared before setting off. Then I drove back down the coast a little to Flamborough Lighthouse. I took George down to North Landing, which was just to the left of this view, he had a lovely time on the beach and kept running into the sea. After a short time we walked back to the car and I set off to paint a view. I walked a short distance past the Lighthouse and looked north. This view seemed interesting and so I started to paint. Below me, but out of sight, were some seals. I had seen them earlier as we walked down to the beach, indeed they were probably the same ones I had seen yesterday. As I painted, it was rather late to start really, the light changed quickly and also, the outgoing tide started to expose some plate like rocks. Only a few people remained, walking and exploring and seal spotting. Some passed me and we talked about how the painting was progressing. Unfortunately light rain started to fall and so I had to close the lid of the pochade box and wait for it to stop. Fortunately it did stop and I could finish the painting, though the changing light was now a little taxing. I may well return and do a larger, more detailed painting but for now I am pleased with this as it is.

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