Monday, 16 July 2018

Nunnington Hall garden.

12x10 inch oil on canvas

Headed north west seeking the prospect of fresher weather, perhaps even rain. So I found myself at Nunnington Hall thinking about a picture of the garden. The long slightly elevated transverse terrace proved interesting with some varied plants. So I set up and had a go at painting this view. I started late and so didn’t finish until 5.45. I then realized no one else was there and indeed found the access from the pedestrian bridge to the car park blocked. Having overcome this obstacle I then found the car park gates closed, a big chain securing them shut. Fortunately, on close inspection I saw that the padlock was open so I quickly made my escape. Then to my favourite hotel, The Worsley Arms, for something to eat and drink. The rain has not arrived... yet, though it is decidedly fresher. With the doors open at the hotel, screaming phalanxes of swifts dived past at low level, exuberantly dancing at high speed as they perform an aerial ballet. A couple come in and tentatively ask if dogs are allowed. Tony, the manager, welcomes them ..and the dog as valued guests. The dog was a Staffordshire bulldog and was perfectly behaved, even joining me on my bench. As I post this, late evening at home, just back from walking George the heavens open, heavy rain, at last. Mind you I hope it stops by the morning (:o)

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