Friday, 6 July 2018

Near South Dalton, East Yorkshire.

This was another HOT day. Too hot to travel far and so I stopped here, on the main road into South Dalton village. After walking George and giving him plenty of water I left him in the car, which was in the shade of this tree, and with the tailgate open. I was really pleased to see the blue colour. The field, along with many neighboring, has been planted with, what looks like, to me Mediterranean flax. I say this because, about three years ago, I found a similar plant when walking George on the Westwood. This individual, with slender leaves had a beautiful pale blue flower. It caused quite a stir locally and I counselled 'learned' opinion. Research eventually provided a name, Mediterranean flax. But, how had it got here, on the Westwood. The reasons ranged from a migrant bird passing the sole seed to a local bird depositing a 'bird table' seed. Now, it looks like a more obvious answer is just that it was from a local farm. So, the blue, to me was significant. This corner of the field had started to flower though the rest has yet to catch up. I like the dominant tree here and the field margins with it's colourful reddish dying weed. After packing up I walked and watered George again and then went to the Pipe and Glass for a drink, changing my mind from tea to tonic water. Actually, when walking George he suddenly got the scent of something and 'pointed' to a patch of long grass in the roadside verge. I went over thinking it may have been a hedgehog. I peered down, could'nt see anything at first, then as my eyes adjusted I saw a large shape, not a hedgehog but a female pheasant. She was well camouflaged and was determined not to move. So, I assumed she must have been sitting on eggs.
Hope you like it, phew, it is still very hot !!!!

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