Friday, 22 June 2018

Looking north from near Holme on the Wolds

20th June, 2018.
As a test for both of us, I decided to board George.. for the first time...... just for one night. I drove over, and stayed in Hovingham, returning to collect him the next day. I know it makes sense, but it was very strange to be completely alone and responsible for only myself. Was I being selfish? However, next time I go anywhere, I will take George with me... unless I need to go abroad I suppose. So, after some sketches of Hovingham in the morning, I collected George from the kennels and then drove to Holme on the Wolds where I painted this scene. The sky was very busy and the distant farm gave a sense of scale and focus which balanced the picture. The clouds moved rapidly in a fresh wind, yet the temperature was warm and the sounds of yellowhammers could be heard continuously as I painted. After walking and feeding George, I made a coffee detour to the Pipe and Glass, at South Dalton. 
David Hockney

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