Monday, 11 June 2018

Looking down on Warter, East Yorkshire.

Plein air, oil on canvas 12 x10 inch.

The forecast was for rain in the afternoon and I set off with no clear plan..A circuitous short cut got me lost, eventually emerging at Driffield, I had intended to head for Kirkham.... anyway a ride over to North Newbald, found us parking under the welcome shade of a huge tree near the village hall. As I sat, with George, with the tailgate up RoseH appeared having just left the hall. We commented on the fluffy cotton wool seeds now falling like slow motion snow. Then a minute later, RobinH, wearing a striped apron passed by. The sound of voices made me look up, two engaging ladies who had been painting, in the Hall came over and we talked of our common interest. I then took George for a short walk around the pond via an elevated path and past the public house. The yellow flag iris on the pond fringes are at their best, very tall and profuse, a refuge for young mallard. I was disappointed not to spot the very large carp which had recently been introduced by the man from Tibthorpe. I travelled to Huggate and popped in the the Plum Tree Studio of Belinda Hazlerigg and was very impressed, she has a lovely vibrant mixed media style which works well with landscapes. After a shared ice cream we drove towards Warter and parked just off the road where I saw the spire of the church emerging from the field edge. So, here it is. Very steep, small fields give a sense of the terrain. A local retired farmer stopped and checked me out, and we established a mutual respect. As we talked a red kite flew nearby. Of course the land here is part of an enormous estate, a private estate of 13,000 acres. We had a very good talk about pheasants, David Hockney, Beverley tea rooms and the weather before he drove off in his small vehicle which was loaded with pellets of pheasant food . His rifle safely secured probably explained the noise of shots I had heard earlier. I had to work quickly on this picture and by necessity, not overworked it - it was a last minute choice but I like it. I think this is a view I will repeat, especially as the seasons change.

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