Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Kirby Underdale on a very very hot day.

Before arriving at Kirby Underdale I went over to see the Robert Fuller Gallery. He is having a much publicised exhibition and his work is excellent. The Gallery was quite busy and I enjoyed chatting to a man from Hull, there with his artist wife. After sampling some elderflower cordial I drove off to paint.

Well. it was very hot and this view seemed a little ambitious. So, here we are. Kirby Underdale, it really is a special, special place. It seems that everywhere one looks, there are lovely views to paint. The high whine of a two stroke engine alerted me to some tree felling to the left of the view above. Though about a mile away, I could hear the crack, the arboreal scream of a tree falling, followed by two stroke trimming. Soon, plumes of smoke began to rise as a bright fire fed hungrily on the discarded timber. I think I will tidy up the farmhouse complex later as my choice of brush on the day could have been better. Apart from screaming swifts there was no bird noise at all. I think the weather, but I guess also, we may be between broods at this time might have had something to do with the silence. I always worry about this ever since I read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Though of course, the main concern then was, I think, DDT weakening egg shells. Now, I suppose, pesticides and plastic have taken over.

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