Saturday, 23 June 2018

Yorkshire Wolds near South Dalton.

Thought I would do a bigger, looser painting using acrylic just for a change. It means I need to use the larger French easel which can be amusing to set up but it all worked out okay. I spotted this view when taking George for a walk. We passed a mainly deciduous wood or, I suppose a copse which was fringed with tall, thin, coniferous trees with russet coloured trunks. The copse, I realised hid a deep depression, could have been a quarry perhaps at some time but now there emerged straight limbed beech trees stretching to find the light. As I walked looking at the verges I told myself to bring a wild flower book next time. There are a lot of gorgeous wild flowering plants hidden in the long grasses which have not been cut. A pair of buzzards silently wheeled round, high above the copse, on broad tilted wings.  Several people passed and some were eager to tell me that they had just seen a pair of fox cubs playing in the road. Very unusual. Mind you, I must say that on a drive yesterday I saw my first 'live' badger emerge on to the road in front of me. It ran along the road before diving sideways into the thick undergrowth. Again, yellowhammers were constantly calling as I painted. A couple, came over and we had a good talk about art. Must remember Thursday afternoon at Elloughton.

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