Thursday, 3 May 2018

Warter village - Tour de Yorkshire.

Oil on canvas 12 x 10 inch
After walking George I popped into Beverley and had a coffee at Carluccio's. The town centre was wonderfully alive with lots of entertainers and a huge video screen showing the progress of the womens' race ( The Tour de Yorkshire ). I decided to continue the 'East Yorkshire Wolds' theme and found myself at Warter. The pond was unusually calm reflecting adjacent colours. I was surprised to see shoals of roach in the pond, having not ever seen them before. However, I digress. I settled on this spot and began by sketching out the scene, using a pencil, directly onto the canvas. The mens race was due to pass me in an hour. The leaders of the race, a breakaway group of about 6 riders zoomed past as helicopters, filming, flew overhead. The entourage with loud horns blaring signalled the main peloton a few minutes later. Very dramatic.
Hope you like it.

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