Monday, 28 May 2018

Looking north to Dalton Park, East Yorkshire.

Well, tut tut, I slept in....after an enjoyable, late night with friends in York. So today found George and I here, parked at the entrance to a field of growing cereal. The day was hot and a little hazy which meant that landscapes were always going to be rather vague. I decided to do this as an exercise. The distant view shows two buildings on the Dalton Park estate. I thought these would provide some interest, even though they seem to disappear. The grass verges here surprised me as they contained some magnificent borage plants, in full bloom. Beneath them I could see yellow vetch, crosswort, plaintain and red clover as well as many different grasses. also, wild 'forget me not' and of course cow parsley. apart from the occasional pheasant it remained very quiet with little birdsong.

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