Monday, 7 May 2018

Loaningdale, Yorkshire Wolds, East Yorkshire.

Today the weather was very hot, as I set off, I encountered heavy traffic heading for the coast. Hence a detour at Bainton, past Chalk Pit Wood, and via Middleton found me here. I had never heard of this area and was surprised to see the name 'Loaningdale' referring to a delightful small valley situated behind the cottages. This section of road, like many in East Yorkshire is part of a Roman Road, being dead straight. With my imagination working overtime, I  pictured soldiers marching, with determination, talking loudly and thinking of food and rest at their next camp. Perhaps they were heading for York, that famous Roman City. Regardless, I set up and started painting. Occasionally, huge agricultural vehicles passed by, elevated drivers smiling down at me from their giant air conditioned armchairs. As they passed, they created huge clouds of dust, I had to quickly close my pochade box until things settled. As the weather was so hot I was anxious about George, in the car, getting too uncomfortable and so I rather rushed this picture. However, I think I like it, and may revisit the area soon. I spotted a small group of trees and thought they could be a future subject.

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