Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Lairhill Farm, near Holme on the Moor.

Travelling home, after painting at Loaningdale, I stopped and saw this view of a distant farmhouse near Holme on the Wolds. I stopped and took George for a walk and then gave him a good, long drink on this, still, very hot day. With the car parked in the shade of an adjacent wood, thus protecting George from the sun, I started painting. The canvas size is rather small for these huge vistas, making any real detailing difficult. Yet, I feel quite happy with this composition. The farm in the distance is Lairhill Farm situated in an area known as Lund Wold. To the right of the farm is an intriguingly steep cleft called Hugill Dale. It is invisible from the road, investigation being somewhat limited as a huge, active bull, is resident. Again, as well as abundant numbers of pheasants, partridge, and even quail can be see popping in and out of the hedgerows. Yellowhammer numbers are also strong. To the left of the farm, on the Goodmanham road, a field containing horse boxes could be seen. Later, as I painted, several drove past me heading for Holme on the Wold.

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