Thursday, 19 April 2018

Twixt Goodmanham and Middleton on the Wolds.

A very very hot baking day, record for an April day, what a change. I found some shade, which was not easy and saw this building, it is called Station Cottage. Halfway through painting, a huge wagon with attached huge trailer passed me. It was carrying lumber from the distant woods. Yellowhammers were again calling as I painted, and George lay chewing a branch, in the shade. I started by having a coffee at the Fidler's Cafe in Goodmanham, ( the name relates to the old fashioned, manual fiddle used for sowing seed ). This spot is 5 minutes drive away. Whilst I was painting a car stopped, out popped an ex colleague who had just left Fidler's where she had taken her mum and sister. It always amazes me, that in the middle of nowhere friends pop up. Celandines were glowing golden yellow in the verges looking luminous. The chalky ground in the fields was evident here and there, reminding me that crops grow under a heavy regime of fertiliser and spraying. Indeed, I cautiously moved George as a huge crop sprayer approached us at one point.

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