Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Black Mill, Beverley, sunset 2.

Watercolour on half imperial 22 x 15 inch paper
These sunsets are sort of challenging. Everything changes so quickly. With this one I sketched the Mill and horizon detail first .... and then waited for the sun to do it's job, to slowly sink and slide away. The sun was too brilliantly, and dangerously, bright to watch directly ( please NEVER look at the sun direct ), there was an intensity about it. Then suddenly, rays of light seem to be switched on. I made mental notes and have tried here to get an idea of the brightness. No cows are shown here they must have been 'somewhere else' as someone used to say. The light was so bright that the nearest side of Black Mill was illuminated.
I hope you like this TB!
H A P P Y                         P A I N T I N G                     E V E R Y O N E.

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