Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Black Mill, Beverley at sunset 1 early June

Sunset number 1 - watercolour sketch 22 x 15 inch
Though a short window of opportunity, time permitting, I can try sunset paintings when possible. I will aim to get a small collection done before the evenings are too short. So, here we have a sunset done early June, I will endeavour to improve and experiment as I go along.
Hope you like it.
H a p p y  P a i n t i n g.


  1. Beautiful, John. What is it about the black mill, and its evening skies, from every angle? Such a special place.....

    1. Hi Tracey, yes Black Mill is iconic and as the sun sets we have wonderful colours, just for a short time. Thanks for posting your comment.

  2. Pleasure John. It's a beautiful picture - took my eye. I take so many photos on and around the Westwood, and don't really know what to do with them! 😄 Maybe I should try sketching or painting from them?

  3. Tracey, have a go at painting, you could start by using your photos. It would be great to see what you do. Hope to see you about with the dogs.


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