Sunday, 14 August 2016

Black Mill, Westwood, Beverley on a late summer evening.

A2 watercolour sketch
Saturday 13th August 2016.
We popped over to the Westwood to take George for his evening walk, as we returned to the car we saw a lovely sunset. People had stopped to photograph the sky with its varying hues, a back drop to Black Mill. I realised that I had an A2 sketchpad in the car and thought I should try to capture the essence of the scene, unfortunately the paper was thin cartridge paper thus preventing certain techniques. Regardless, I wanted to have a go. So here it is, a quick impression. Tonight, the next night Sunday, we repeated the walk for George. As we turned to return to the car we faced Beverley town below us, the Minster rising magnificently as it has done for hundreds of years. As we looked, and walked, we saw a skein of low flying geese seemingly flying over the towers of the Minster heading straight towards us. As they passed over we could hear them honking and we could see them clearly, their eyes looking down at us. They were the ubiquitous canada geese. We tried to guess their destination and concluded that it would be the pond at Bishop Burton. I wonder if we were right.

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