Friday, 26 August 2016

Beverley Minster - a view from inside.

We are fortunate to live in Beverley and we often pop in to the Minster. As I am somewhat limited regarding working on plein air painting at the moment, I thought I could do some Minster sketches. We could both visit the Minster and even if it rains we can still work inside. Over the years I have drawn and painted the Minster lots of times, from different, slightly unusual locations. I have neglected the inside, so here is the first effort. The images show how the sketch progressed. Maybe I should use sketches like this to produce an oil painting, I will consider it. My intention here is to try and convey the height of the building. It is truly magnificent and soars heavenwards. I have always been disappointed with the position of the organ. For me, it spoils the continuity of the view. It is strange to think of the upcoming serialisation of the film, Victoria. First, we saw the production team filming at Castle Howard, we were asked to keep our voices down, and later, we were surprised to see them in Beverley. Sure enough, when we looked at the first episode, the Minster was briefly seen, especially as the new Queen walked away from the organ. I wonder what my old friend, the organist, Alan Spedding would have made of it all. I have no copyright on the first two sketches below so please download if you would like it.

Initial unfinished sketch of Beverley Minster.

A little more detail and colour added.

Watercolour sketch approx. 22 x 15 inch, half imperial.
A3 Prints available - posted worldwide.

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