Saturday, 25 June 2016

LYCHNIS x arkwrightii 'Vesuvius' - Arkwright's Campion, seen at Wassand Hall.

Rendered sketch.
Another visit to Wassand Hall found us up near the Hall admiring the excellent stalls of specialist flowers. It is the first time this "Specialist flower sale" has taken place at Wassand. We spoke to a lavender plant specialist and came away with two plants. They are a late flowering English variety, Grappenhall, a mid blue Edwardian variety, especially good for cutting. After the exertions of plant selection, we were in need of refreshments and headed for the excellent tearoom. Suitably fortified with coffee and cake we visited the adjacent, flower walled garden. We sat and I sketched a couple of plants, here is one, a dramatic, vivid orange red flower with bronze purple leaves. Its common name is the very apt, Vesuvius. I am liking this simple method of recording plants this summer. An observational sketch later scanned and rendered.
Hope you like it.
On another note - regarding the EU referendum. I want to apologize to Europe.  I voted to stay together, to help build a future for us all, to share our resources, to give hope to our younger people.

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