Friday, 17 June 2016

Flax ?

Rendered sketch
This is a bonus.
A couple of days ago we took George for a walk on the Westwood, the common pasture outside Beverley. On the way back I spotted and unusual pale blue flower among the grasses. It looked like a geranium. However the leaves were not those belonging to a geranium. Interesting. My consultant in matters of flowering fauna, took the description away and later suggested it was wild flax. I went back with a camera to photograph it only to find it had disappeared. The neatherd when cutting the buttercups down had gone over the plant. Very disappointing. However, today, when walking George I thought I would check the location. Bang, there it was, a bright blue flower, not as fully open yet as before, however it was there, having survived the cutting. I did not have my camera though I did have a sketchbook in the car.
So here it is. The delicate stems swayed in the light breeze and would have made a photograph tricky to get. So here is an occasion when observation and a sketch book can still record the object.
My initial impression of the plant was the lovely blue colour, though another feature was the bright, electric, kingfisher blue anthers. I have searched and looked at many images of flax but none have the brightly coloured anthers, which is still an issue to resolve. Anyone got any ideas?
Okay, more research done and I think this is it, Pale Flax. More usually seen in the south of England.

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