Monday, 18 April 2016

St. Mary's Church, Kirkburn.

Pencil sketch, prior to adding watercolour half imperial heavy paper.
Very quick post, still prepping for exhibition, but drove to Kirkburn to draw the church. The church of St. Mary is one of the Woldsburn churches of East Yorkshire. I intend to try at least to produce a watercolour of each of them over the coming season, with a view to exhibiting them next year. The church grounds are a little special with some lovely wild plants situate among the grass. Someone had cut paths through the grass enabling one to explore the area. Behind the church a wrought iron gate leads to a delightful footpath, and here, is a surprise for those not accustomed with the area. A small stream, no more than a trickle starts about 100 yards away to the left, and soon widens dramatically as it meanders downstream. It is shallow yet very wide as it passes the church and is surrounded by lovely trees and wild plants. The church itself is of Norman design with many interesting features. Whilst sketching a magpie landed on the grass and so I quickly added it as well as some jackdaws, can you spot them? Met John A. as I had packed up back at the car and we had a good chat. Hope you like the sketch John, will visit "Urban Sketchers" after posting.
Clicking the image will enlarge it for downloads. ( Will post a better image soon).
PS - Have looked at the Urban Sketchers site and have joined, thanks for the tip.

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