Wednesday, 9 March 2016

St. Mary's, Watton Church, 4th February, 2016.

The access to this wonderful little church is via a footbridge over a stream. It has a lovely, low lying location close to, and associated with the remains of Watton Priory, partly visible in the distance. The Priory has an interesting history, it was a Gilbertine Priory which were unusual, in that both nuns and canons were housed there. Watton Priory, indeed the Gilbertine order is well worth reading about. The ground where I stood was very undermined by rabbits, making movement somewhat hazardous needing considerable concentration to avoid having a mishap. Indeed evidence of the undermining  effects to gravestones and a nearby sarcophagus caused me some disquiet. However the church appears well looked after and I suspect the others are well aware. At this time, lots of snowdrops were in flower along with groups of celandines, making the careful egress from this sketching location rather uplifting.

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