Friday, 11 March 2016

St Michael's Church, Cherry Burton, East Yorkshire, from Rootas Lane.

Cherry Burton from the north.
This is a lovely view, rather simplistic showing the church of St. Michael standing proudly, protecting the village below. This is a plein air oil on board, 12 x 10 inch and is one of my pictures which I hope will feature in an exhibition next year. I enjoyed working on the sky. It was cold again, though the sun offered some warmth .... I think. A woman we had met earlier came over and we talked again about the view and painting. I remember now, that many years ago, when I was concentrating on large, half imperial, watercolours, that I had done a summer view from nearby. I remember it featured a combine harvester. I must resurrect it and see what it looks like.Today, the weather was a far cry from that day. Across the road snowdrops were in flower below tall weathered trees, daffodils showing tall embryonic leaves in the grassy verges promise more colour as spring marches on. Though a relatively large village, the houses are well hidden, nestling below the church with just gable walls being visible.

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