Sunday, 20 March 2016

St. Mary's Church, Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Waterclour sketch 22 x 15 inch
I went over to the Westwood, how fortunate we are to have this on our doorstep, to walk George. The ground is drying out a little,  the weak the sun helping. I took the dog biscuits for the variety of corvus and soon had companions on the walk. They fly and land to my side,  I throw them a biscuit. A little routine. Then they will land on the path in front of me, and I repeat the process. Among them are a couple with whitish wings. Perhaps a little smaller than the others and I try to make sure they get a biscuit. I am half expecting them to bark! I saw this view of St. Mary's when returning to the car and thought it was worth getting down. So I returned and did this quick sketch. It is different somehow, slightly more of St. Mary's tower showing perhaps. Of course, now I remember, some very large mature coniferous trees have recently been removed from a house on Westwood Road. I am sure that explains it.  I have coloured the sky quickly and, I hope, dramatically  enhance the church tower. I like the way the old gatehouse seems to emerge from the pasture, seems appropriate in a way, as it is spring now. If you are passing, look into the garden, you may spot something unusual. We appreciate the water bowl which is placed outside, for the benefit of the many dogs who walk past. On the way back to the car I was delighted to observe a cluster of anemones, in flower, my first of the year.

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