Friday, 18 March 2016

Holme Wold Farm, East Yorkshire.

Part of a large 22 x 15 inch watercolour
The day had an ethereal quality, quiet, little wind and the distant hills only just visible.
A watercolour sketch of a farmstead surrounded by sheltering trees offered a nice little challenge. We parked just off the narrow roadway which led to Goodmanham and Market Weighton. This spot is near the small hamlet of Holme on the Wolds, near South Dalton, north of Beverley. It needs some finishing, though I may leave it as it is, returning later, to do another painting. The farm complex is large, low lying and neat. A separate cottage to the right of the cluster of buildings is, in fact, a holiday let. Today, at South Dalton, a race meeting was being held in the grounds of Dalton Hall. We could hear the distant loudspeaker system which was being used to inform people about what was happening. The wolds are a beautiful feature of this part of East Yorkshire. The rise of the wolds can be seen in the distance. Further away, beyond Wetwang they create gems of hidden valleys.  Today was a lovely, bright sunny day, though earlier we had had a misty start and it was well after 1pm that we decided to drive out and found this view. As I painted several cyclists rode past, one joking that because they were going so slowly, they could be included as a still life! A woman walked up to us from the nearby hamlet of Holme with her very protective, barking, Jack Russell terrier. We talked briefly about the view and the farm of which she had connections.

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