Thursday, 7 January 2016

St. Mary's Church, South Dalton, East Yorkshire.

Pen and ink again though this time unfinished.
I will remedy that soon when the drizzle stops, we are having a wet start to the year. Indeed friends over in York have been flooded out of their homes and Leeds has also suffered. This view shows the church from much closer, framed by the tree. I hope I can have a go at doing this using oil soon, but it all depends on the weather. A bonus of sketching near South Dalton is that one can seek refreshment at the nearby excellent "Pipe and Glass" an award winning gastro public house. I need to go and finish the sketch which features a fragmented hedge, of what looks like elderberry in the foreground. More detail to the tree and distant hawthorn hedging will be added. As I was sketching I heard the high pitched call of a "mewing" buzzard. It was circling on large broad dihedral wings, which did not seem to flap as it wheeled round and round, its wingtips turned upwards. As it passed over the fields it was joined by another buzzard, a marvelous site. In the distance gunshots could be heard as, no doubt, some game or vermin was being hunted. To my surprise another buzzard appeared as the previous two passed over a small wooded covert. It is wonderful to be outside sketching or painting as you become aware of sounds and events around you. Often something unusual happens making the visit memorable.

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