Thursday, 1 October 2015

Castle Howard, looking towards the Atlas Fountain 1st October 2015. Free download.

Pen and ink sketch approx 14x11 inches.
We sat on a bench below a statue in the bright, warm sun, a cloudless, windless cerulean sky ensured continuity and we listened to many visitors passing by behind us on the path. One of the joys of visiting Castle Howard is the cosmopolitan atmosphere. Accents and languages from around the world float across the many public areas. Earlier we had sat OUTSIDE the Fitzroy Restaurant, in the early October sun, a rare event, to have tea and a sweet snack al fresco. Here we heard and saw many visitors from abroad, ranging from American, Chinese, German and others whom I could not recognise. Here is a sketch, again, pen and ink, looking over at the Atlas fountain. Behind an avenue of trees looked very dark with little colour due to being in the shade. This had the affect of making the fountain more defined. A tricky little scene to take on as a pen and ink, especially just using a simple "biro" type pen, however I am satisfied.
Should enlarge to copy if clicked, please have a go at adding colour.

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