Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sledmere walled garden, looking towards the summer house.

Plein air pencil sketch with colour added later, 22 x15 inch.

Sledmere House
We arrived on a breezy, sunny day.
Armed with a pencil and large board we headed to the walled garden, carrying a pair of folding chairs. I wanted to sketch the summer house again, from a different position. We quickly settled and I drew the scene, starting with the summer house and then building up both sides of the path. The very large yellow rudbeckia feature heavily in the foreground. We chatted to a young family, a young boy with a digital camera tried to take a picture of my picture, then smiled delightfully, revealing two missing front teeth. His mum encouraged the young David Bailey as he tried to show her his snap. Butterflies were busily taking advantage of the profuse flowers. Suddenly, a dragon fly landed briefly on my paper, flying off almost immediately. We were near the row of apple trees which are at the rear of the herbaceous borders listening to an active pair of dunnocks as we worked. The borders colours are still wonderful. As well as yellows and reds we have blues, purple, pale pink, orange and the large pale green foliage plants. We walked back to Sledmere House  and stopped to see a wonderful sight. Dozens of house martins were launching themselves off the high facade, wheeling overhead before settling back again. Obviously, they will be leaving imminently. We adjourned to the tea room and were pleased to see D and  I with their grandparents, they had all driven from Beverley. Their first aim being to see the horses. Hope they had a good time.

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