Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Lilies, still life - free download.

On a dull, dank,dreary,dour day under ominous grey clouds we celebrated the August bank holiday. Plans had to be cancelled, ( sorry to BO ) and as the rain fell we stayed at home, inside, away from the elements. 
Though twice, dressed as a penguin, I went to the Westwood to walk George a couple of times amongst the multitude of varied cattle happily munching, with swallows skimming the grass.
So, what to do? 
Last autumn I had planted many bulbs, specifically daffodils, tulips and lilies. A friend of ours, JK, a keen gardener had inspired me to get organised and plant bulbs for this year. We had marvelous displays of daffodils, followed by tulips and then at last, the lilies. This picture is of some white lilies with dark green leaves. The stamens are held aloft from the tepals on tall filaments with the  stigma prominent over all. The flowers themselves are huge. The fragrance is particularly powerful filling the rooms with scent.
I have posted this in two versions, one without colour which you may like to download and complete ( may be a good class exercise for art teachers), and one with colour. It is a simple observation, a still life exercise, one I guess I will be doing more of over the dark days of the coming winter. In fact I must do some still life's of flowers in oil, these will augment my intended walled garden exhibition next year.

Freehand pencil sketch of lilies. Please download and use to colour in.

As above with colour added,


  1. Brilliant idea, John, and both versions are wonderful, as is your commentary, which I do so enjoy as well. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Susan, your feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraging. As autumn approaches I think floral / botanical drawings may be useful to consider as I can buy flowers throughout winter to work with. Am liking your work, great to see you are painting.


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