Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Castle Howard on a warm September day.

25th September 2015.
Another unplanned visit to Castle Howard found us walking up a bank leading to an entrance to Ray's Wood. Just before reaching the wood this view of the house can be seen. I had my pochade box and though rather complex I decided to paint the scene. At once I decided not to be too ambitious with detail and this is the result. The disappearing path takes visitors back to the courtyard entrance which is always seems to be a hive of activity. People shopping and visitors queuing up to gain entrance to the house and, or, grounds. We were amused to see that the imacculate verdant pathways had had a visitor. Molehills erupted on the lower slope reminding us of the Jacobite story.

Jacobites rejoiced when King William’s horse — confiscated from a Jacobite owner — stepped into a mole hole and threw his new master, resulting in William’s death. From then on they would toast the mole — “to the wee gentleman in black velvet.”

 Anyhow, the weather was lovely for this time of the year and we soon adjurned to the Fitzroy Restaurant to round off another eventful day.

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