Saturday, 29 August 2015

Sledmere House, walled garden, 28th August 2015.

Plein air, oil on board, 12x10 inches.
We visited Sledmere House today on a sunny, breezy day with rain threatening. In the walled garden we headed for the sunflowers, planted in the potager garden. To our left, out of sight,  the experimental bamboo archway still looks impressive with runner beans and sweet peas climbing up. The gardener mentioned that he thought he may have needed to be strengthen the structure, yet it had survived the season well. Sunflowers, planted in a small section of one bed are still looking good, full of colour and vigour. They are modest in height, and are mainly pale yellow with dark centres. Elsewhere, some sunflowers appeared orange in colour. The path looks over to a gate in the wall. On the gate, a sign saying private is reinforced by having it locked. It looks like it may access the main road as traffic seems to pass regularly. Also, housing can be seen over the top of the wall. Beyond the sunflowers, another small bed contains some tall red / pink cosmos with yellow flowers below. On the right hand side we have a drift of pink and white, with blue and cerise. Low box hedges contain these small beds. The good news from today, is that the head gardener has some great plans for next year which will add interest to an already embryonic and vibrant garden.


  1. John, I just love these paintings you've done at Sledmere House. I looked up photos of the gardens, but they pale before your painterly interpretation of them. As always, your commentaries are an added treat. Keep well, and thanks for posting these treasures.

    1. Sledmere House is a revelation. The walled gardens are undergoing a renaissance with the new head gardener recreating exciting planting. This view is not the most dramatic though it is accurate I think. As ever Susan I really love to hear your comments, please keep it up.


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