Monday, 20 July 2015

Wassand Hall walled garden.

Watercolour 22 x 15 inch
This is a very quick sketch of one of the four perimeter paths around the inner walled garden at Wassand Hall. I am not too happy with it as it was rushed and there still needs to be some work done to it. The background was very dark and I have made this look a little muddy, so may try to improve it later. Anyway it catches the essence of a summer path with a profusion of flowering plants so there it is. Try and get to Wassand this weekend as it is open to the public. The image below shows a path at ninety degrees to the one above. This is less colourful as, I guess, it is not in full sun, it is at the northern side of the walled garden. Behind the hedge on the left against the wall, is a fig tree, bearing fruit! So not as dramatic as the view above and rather subtle it provides a good contrast.

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