Friday, 31 July 2015

Wassand Hall, walled garden 29th July 2015.

plein air oil on board 12 x 10 inches.
We do love Wassand. It is a wonderfully peaceful, tranquil, friendly and revitalising place. It will be open this weekend providing an opportunity to visit and savoir the atmosphere. The flower walled garden is a credit to the gardeners and planners. It is modest yet packed with interest and one should seek out the notice explaining the origins of the laburnum arches. So here again I have painted this scene trying to record the changing flowering patterns. We visited when not open to the public and so the atmosphere was wonderfully still and quiet. The sun came out and we sat and listened to the cricket .... quietly....on our portable radio. England dominated Australia and have set themselves up to be in a strong position to win, subject to the weather. Hope you enjoy the picture.


  1. Just lovely, John. The manner in which you simplified the masses of background foliage, while painting just enough flower details is brilliant, and the pathway is so beautiful. Spectacular rendering!

    1. Hello from over the pond, thank you so much, your comments are inspirational and encourage me to persevere. Keep painting Susan, best, John


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