Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Walled garden, Castle Howard, Yorkshire.

Plein air oil on board 12 x 10 inches.

Too soon for the delphiniums, they need a few days. When in flower they will offer a chance to see and compare many different varieties. Some buds were almost coming out and the different shades of blue could be made out, it will be a wonderful sight. So, here again ay Castle Howard with no particular plan to paint anything specific, just to stroll and look. Then, when in the walled garden, we saw this view. The dome of the house appearing over the tall garden wall. Interesting perspectives, with a natural framing of trees.We saw many people, who like us were strolling through the garden. One  couple walked past with four black spaniels, others stopped to talk, young children skipped past with smiling parents following. The weather was wonderful, cloudy, still, yet very warm, a little close as we say. Indeed we ate outside, at the Fitzroy restaurant with most tables being occupied, a cosmopolitan gathering of many nationalities. Still a little early for some roses, especially some climbers covering a long pergola walk, though others were in full bloom. A wonderful day.
Happy Painting.

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