Friday, 8 May 2015

Bishop Burton, bluebells in May 2015.

20 x16" plein air oil on canvas.
7th and 8th May 2015.
The bluebells are again magnificent in Burton Bushes, Beverley. The morning forecast was for sun and little wind, so off I went to complete this oil painting, started yesterday, election day. Today, the day after the election, and a somewhat surprising outcome, a Conservative victory that many had not predicted. The woodland provided a refuge from the news and George enjoyed exploring all the pathways running backwards and forwards and getting excited. After his walk he was content to stay in the car, meaning I could return to finish the painting. The wood is full of sounds, chaffinches, bluetits, robins and wrens, with crows in the distant background calling out. A pair of large mistle thrushes chattered from a high perch on an old oak tree. One carrying twigs which I thought strange at this time. The bluebells are particularly fine, many in full flower with plenty still to open. At this point, not too far from the northern entrance, I saw and spoke to many dog walkers, grandparents with grandsons, and briefly with the occasional jogger. It is a magical place at this time. So here I am painting the bluebells again, seems appropriate on this day.
Hope it gives you an idea what it is like.
The Garden Gallery, basically a small exhibition at home continues until the end of June 2015. Details here.

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