Saturday, 18 April 2015

St Mary's Church and Beverley Minster from the the Westwood.

Pochade box sketch 12 x 10 inch, oil on canvas.
The weather is getting better and the sun was shining so we took George for a walk across the Westwood and thought we had time to do a quick painting. The birds are now singing and building nests, the cows have yet to be released onto the Westwood and the buttercups will soon be here. As it is we are experiencing a marvelous display of wood anemones and celandines, the Westwood is looking wonderful. We spotted this view when trying to see if we could include the two old churches in a picture. In a little while St. Mary's on the left will be mostly hidden by trees and foliage so it is a good time to get the view down on canvas. St Mary's was actually slightly more hidden than shown here yet it is essentially accurate. Detail on this small painting is limited as it will work better on a larger 20 x 16 inch I think. Also I will be able to do more justice to the huge sky. Suddenly I realized that my fingers were very cold, that there was a chilling strong easterly breeze in spite of the brightness, prompting a hasty finish. Met one or two people who were passing, walking their dogs, had a chat with a fellow artist JH who had her two companions with her. By the way if you need a broad brush why not tape two together (;o).
H A P P Y   P A I N T I N G

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  1. Beautiful and very vibrant - I love it. It would certainly translate well into a larger work. One of my favorite views, I think.


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