Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Black Mill sketches

Watercolour sketch 22x15 Original £50
A cold and very windy day. Struggled to walk George to Black Mill and glad to shelter behind it for a few moments. Local traffic was severely affected as the two main bridges, the Ouse Bridge and the Humber Bridge had overturned vehicles blocking them. The Ouse Bridge in particular closed the main east west arterial road as the strong winds made remedial work dangerous. The lady here seen walking her small dog was heading back to her car, parked close by. The sky was pale blue with threatening clouds beginning to build up from the right hand side.
Watercolour sketch 22x15 Original £50

Another sketch this time with very dark brooding skies. Makes me realise I need to do more work with clouds as I am a little rusty - these two sketches are just, perhaps too quick but the weather prevented finishing them locally, meaning these were worked on at home, not ideal. However they could be useful reference for a larger oil painting later. The huge skies do not quite come across so that is another thing to work on. As we are now in April we will soon see the cows released for the season, always a joyous time seeing them exploring the pasture. At first in tight familiar groups, later spread out.

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