Monday, 2 March 2015

Brantingham village, East Yorkshire.

Just been looking at old work, this was done in 1993 !!!
I am preparing a range of square cards and this will probably be one of them when it is cropped. Thought it might be interesting for you to see, it was when I did lots of pen and ink sketches of East Riding village ponds, and adding a watercolour wash. I used bright white Bristol board A3 paper and Rotring pens and would stand and sketch. It was lovely to see a father with his young son in a bright yellow raincoat examining the edge of the pond, possibly feeding ducks. Anyway I nearly had the picture finished when a loud honking made me aware that I was being charged at, by an angry goose.  In the distance a large black dog, Charles, our lovely Briard walks along near the wall. Hope you like it.
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G


  1. This will make a wonderful notecard, John. Glad you pointed out the dog. The goose is quite a comical figure.

  2. I keep trying to leave a comment, but hasn't worked - maybe this time: Hi there, John. I like this scene very much; it'll make a lovely notecard. Love the comical goose, and I'm glad you pointed out your dog to me. Snow finally melting here, but still piles all over the place. My poor brother-in-law should be pruning his apple orchard, but with all the snow still in the orchard, going up a ladder would be unsafe. Come on, sun!


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