Sunday, 22 February 2015

St. Mary's Church, Beverley

Watercolour 22 x15" half imperial.
The day was cold, though bright and so in the early afternoon I took my watercolour easel to this spot and sketched out the picture. The cold weather became more intense and forced me to stop before adding paint. So back home I went and added the colour from my earlier observation. It is okay though I will return when the weather warms up a bit and have another go. The ground was saturated from earlier rain, very soft and squelchy underfoot. In fact I nearly lost a wellington. Rushing back to the car we headed off to Beverley Arms hotel for some hot coffee. Prints, what do you think? May do some more before deciding.
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G

Postscript - later in the afternoon I remembered that I needed to collect two chairs from Beverley Minster. They were selling off their old, but usable, chairs as they were getting new ones delivered. Beautiful chairs, oak frame with red leather..ish seats, nicely worn. At home I noticed that they had been supplied by the now closed store of "Carmichaels of Hull" which used to be a great store selling quality items and is much missed. We used to go there to get our Royal Doulton crockery. So it was nice to see the nameplate.

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