Saturday, 15 November 2014

Castle Howard - the boar in autumn?

Watercolour 22 x 16

1st November 2014 - Castle Howard.
 We left our accommodation at the Cresswell Arms  after breakfast in the village of Appleton Le Street. George had been taken for a memorable walk which involved seeing the local church, All Saints, sitting high on a hill, remarkably, it has a SAXON tower. Amazing little discovery, it was built in 1030. At Castle Howard we sat outside the Fitzroy Cafe the weather still being clement and I sketched this view. I like the statue of the boar, he looks magnificent. As you look, the symmetry of the scene hits you. The urns placed in front of dark foliage reinforcing this notion. We left to head back to Beverley walking past the huge pantechnicons still busily preparing the fairground for the evenings event, a huge fireworks display and for younger visitors, a screening of "Casper, the friendly ghost"

detail 1

detail 2

detail 3

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