Friday, 24 October 2014

Beverley Minster from the Westwood, with rooks, autumn 2014

I put this up originally as a pencil drawing last year at this time, meaning to add the colour. However the weather must have changed and so I have waited a year to come back to it and add the autumn colours. I do like the way the rooks flew down, one is circling round wondering if he/she is missing anything, and started pecking for grubs with no regard to my presence. A lonely magpie, "Hello Mr. Magpie, how are you" dropped down and warily looked over at the rooks. They, of course paid no attention to the magpie having their minds, or I guess, stomachs, on other things. I have left my original shorthand notes on the drawing on purpose as I personally think they are part of the painting. For others who disagree, I know that when really dry the pencil marks can be erased using a soft eraser. Though even doing this I feel can compromise the paper surface integrity. Okay getting too deep. The picture is rather chocolate box as people have told me, " Everyone does this view" and I agree, a little. It is still a wonderful view. The seasons change the whole picture, the Minster can be lit from the back, side or front. The trees loose their leaves and greyness envelops our spirits yet the Minster remains steadfast. When the snow falls and hides so many  of the adjacent features, the Minster, especially in winter sun, soars and shines like a sanctuary beacon, the light honeyed fabric seemingly protecting all around it and encouraging perhaps, reflection, joy and hope.
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G


  1. Ah, John - I do so love your commentaries, as well as your paintings. The view may be oft painted and familiar to many, but to someone not from the area, such as myself, it is brand new. I particularly love your last sentence, which soars as much as the Minster. Best to you.

    1. Many many thanks Susan for your kind words. Looking at the picture I may darken the sky with a wash so as to make the Minster appear a little clearer. Regarding our special Kirk, it is indeed, inspiring. I had a chat with the vicar last week, at our school speech night ( prize/awards giving ) about literature which was again ..... illuminating. (:-)


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