Sunday, 27 July 2014

Allotment view, Beverley, July 27th 2014

Plein air oil on canvas board 12x10"
Very hot and breezy. This is an impression of a corner of the allotment at Kitchen Lane, Beverley. Excellent day for OPEN ALLOTMENTS with cream teas proving popular.


  1. Hello, John - it's been a while since I've commented - computer problems, and now major issues with my house. One whole corner destroyed by water damage (a gutter problem long undiscovered). Ugh. My son, Noah is having to curtail working to finish building his own house to deal with rebuilding part of mine :-(( Such is life.
    On a more positive note - I just love this allotment painting. I believe it was in Haworth a couple of years ago where I walked by a group of allotments just above the village. It was just enchanting. Some of them even had chickens living in little houses. I'd love to see more allotment paintings - to me they seem like a national treasure, well worthy of capturing with your brush.

    1. Hello Susan, good to hear from you though your recent experiences, with the house, seem awful. I can understand that undiscovered water leaks especially on wood can be catastrophic. Glad you like the painting of the allotment it was done on an "open allotments. Day" so we had people wandering around which was lovely. Best wishes, John.


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