Friday, 20 June 2014

Beverley Minster and a poppy field.

Plein air oil on board 12 x 10

Hi everyone, it has been too long since I have posted, so apologies. Ah... just heard on the radio, England are out of the World Cup, confirmed as Italy fail to beat Costa Rica. Sanity. Anyway here we have a field of poppies having taken over a field of rapeseed oil plants. The bright yellow flowers of the rapeseed plants went over a couple of weeks ago and these poppies just appeared. When walking in the field the mass of weeds and the height of the plants made it difficult to move at all. An occasional local train, heading into Beverley rumbled along the tracks to my right. As the track is slightly elevated it appeared to float on top of the poppys. What a wonderful time of the year. 
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G
I was asked recently about the colours I use. It varies, though I like to keep them to a minimum, here I used two blues ( French Ultramaring and cobalt ), two yellows ( cad and lemon ) burnt sienna, titanium mixing white, cad red and a smidgeon of lamp black. Spent most time on the different pale greens behind poppies. Applied yellow weeds in foreground with pallette knife. Oh, also, mostly done with two craft  bristle brushes taped together to give a single larger brush - a little strange but it works.


  1. Hello John! What an absolutely marvelous painting this is. You really nailed this one. Can't say enough about it, other than Wow! How long did this take to do, overall? Certainly worth the wait.....thanks for posting it.

  2. Many thanks Susan, I like this myself too. Guess it took about an hour, maybe just a few minutes more. I had to be quickish as I needed to return home. The Poppy's tend to come and go quickly and I was afraid that they would disappear before I managed to catch them. I really wanted to use my French easel and do a bigger ( 20 x 16 ) picture but that would have taken longer. Funny thing is that, when fighting through the crop to get out of the field I noticed later that a wing nut had come off the pochade box. I smiled at the thought of going back to look for it NOT (:-)
    Thanks again for your comment, best wishes, John.

    1. I so love your work, John. Are you planning a show yet? It'd be fun to be there for the opening. Hope you're enjoying that pup.

    2. Hello Susan, sorry not to have got back sooner. Not sure if I will ever get organised to have an exhibition - it must be a priority.... after other .. priorites, so busy, busy. Will let you know of developments - anyway the puppy. George is still sporting the bottom daggers, AKA, his puppy teeth. He is also getting bigger, feet on the worktop / nothing safe unless inside a cupboard etc. However he is a joy. He is learning routines and we hope to go on a trip soon, in two hour stages, any longer may put him off car travel we think. So where ever we go it will take a long time. Best wishes, John.


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