Thursday, 10 April 2014

Woodland with anemones, Burton Bushes, with birdsong, Beverley, UK.

Plein air oil on board approx 14 x 10"
 Video here with birdsong What a wonderful spring day. The sun graced us with a visit and, inside the wood the birds sang. I came across this site, a little clearing which encouraged colonisation by wood anemones, resulting in a carpet of bright white flowers. Around me birds sang, crows called and a distant woodpecker drummed away. The picture was built up with thin washes first. Now I realised that the sun would be problematic with the light values but what caused me more of a problem was that the sun dried the paint too quickly. Even on the pallette. Also I was painting across my shadow at times. I realise that I should use an umbrella , however I like to keep things simple and it would be another thing to carry. Working on a board is very different to working on a canvas. The lack of surface flexure can be a challenge I find. The changing position of the sun affected the shadows both near and distant, so one needs to take this onboard when recording them. Hope you like it.
H A P P Y  P A I N T I N G
View of floor covered with anemones
detail 1
detail 2