Sunday, 23 June 2013

Stream near Seatoller, Cumbria - quick watercolour sketches

watercolour sketch, very still water A4 sketchbook.
Thursday 20th June 2013.
This was a last minute, very rapid sketch just trying to be very loose and free. Perhaps I could have taken longer but the midges were starting to bite, and I had to juggle the paintbox carefully. The stream was very still and, at this point is deep. A lovely quiet evening with the distant sound of cuckoos calling.

Watercolour sketch from bridge above, A4 sketchbook.
Next day.
This is the same stream, worked from the foot bridge above. Spent more time on this but still only about 40 minutes. The occasional ripple signified rising trout, and indeed we spotted several as our eyes got used to the light. Here I am using a very cheap set of watercolour paints and trying to not overwork the subject. Also, only had a number 6 roundish utility brush. Could still hear cuckoos calling as well as woodpeckers drumming. The midges continued their assault more successfully than yesterday.
Still, we suffer for our art.
Happy painting

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