Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Minster from near Old Farm Wednesday 26th June 2013.

Preliminary plein air work setting foundation
Thought twice about posting this - it is not finished but circumstances meant I had to pack up early. I hope I can return to the site tomorrow morning as rain is forecast for the afternoon. The picture will be dominated by a huge pile of old cattle bedding on the right with a range of grasses with nettles on the left. The distant Minster ( of Beverley ) rises from fields of crops. This view will be lost when the southern bypass is built. I wanted to try and capture Black Mill. which id just visible from here though too far to the left. Will try to record it another time. Is it YOUR birthday on Friday (lo), by the way?
Thanks to SC and others who have said they liked the picture as it is - I am going to leave it alone ( as it is). I will return to the same spot to try and do another later. It is raining here now with a poor forecast for tomorrow, cake day (;o).
Happy birthday  oops, painting

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