Saturday, 1 June 2013

Looking towards South Dalton across fields.

Plein air oil on canvas board approx 12 x 10"

Pre-framed and on the easel

Detail of hedge verge area

Wanted to explore the byways north of Beverley and spotted this view. The oilseed fields are beginning to swipe the landscapes with their bright yellow, exuberant presence. I love to see it though others may disagree. The spire is South Dalton Church, it is very tall and dominates the area though it has new rivals in the form of wind turbines rapidly challenging for supremacy of the skyline. The hedge in the foreground provides a sheltered verge habitat for cow parsley, campion, clover and buttercups with more plants that I am unfamiliar with. Although off the beaten track several people passed by, including a horseman riding a magnificent grey, apparently it was a test drive - so far so good. Popped over to the Pipe and Glass for refreshments at South Dalton.
Hope you like it. Mounted in a simple frame.
Happy painting.

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