Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Beverley Minster from Shepherd Lane, near White Hall Farm

Plein air pochade box painting, oil on canvas board 12 x 10"
Thought, as the weather was overcast, I would pop over to Old Hall farm in Shepherd Lane. On arrival I was sad to see that contractors were busy fencing off and dismantling the out buildings. Guess this may have links to the bypass construction but not sure. However after trying to spot Black Mill ( on the Westwood ) which is just visible in winter but, alas quite hidden now due to trees in leaf, I moved away towards White Hall. 
This view struck me as one to try. I spotted some contractors in the oilseed crop, no doubt trying to re-establish the bypass markers which are now difficult to see as the crops have grown. The imminent works spurred me on to try and capture the view of the Minster before it is hidden by the bypass embankment. The hawthorn bushes are covered in blossom, a little late this year, and sit below the Minster, a may blossom skirt. Cow parsley and buttercups fringe the lane, busy farm vehicles pass hurriedly  with smiling  drivers and three horse riders walk past, a delightful spot.
Happy painting.

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