Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Beverley Minster from near Old Hall Farm, Shepherd Lane, Beverley.

Plein air - oil on canvas board 12 x 10"
Lovely afternoon, still and quiet with everything looking very lush and green. The foreground interest is a huge pile of old cattle bedding which strangely did not smell .... too bad. I like this particular view as one can see Black Farm off Long Lane. The bushes below the Minster are, I think, elderberry. St. Mary's church tower is just indicated to the left. Very pleased to hear the call of another yellow hammer nearby, and to see swifts and swallows flying past.
Happy Painting
Picture pre-framed - white frame float mounted, seen here with protective masking tape still covering the frame.

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  1. Your comments had me googling yellow hammers and elderberry bushes, both of which I'm unfamiliar with. :)
    I really like the loosely realized cattle bedding in the foreground. You can't tell what it is, but it's painted in an interesting way.


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